Wow!!! What a Day!!!

He bought me FLOWERS!!!! I went to take the kids to school and found this bouquet on the driver’s seat!! I love flowers and don’t get them very often!! Drew went into work late and my girlfriend watched Smiley today, so we had a couple of morning hours to ourselves. Then I went and helped in Shorty’s classroom, came home and had a quiet lunch and when I picked up Smiley, my friend had put together a breakfast fruit cake that I can put in the oven tomorrow for breakfast. Hooray!! I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a great day, but I feel loved and fluffed!! Thanks Drewster and Linz!!!

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4 Comments on “Wow!!! What a Day!!!

  1. What a wonderful day! I love flowers but never get them. Greg just thinks they will die, which they do so I just buy myself a bouquet once in a while. Your blog is looking great! Also I love the Sesame Street video! This is one of my favorites too!


  2. Thanks!!! My smarty teenagers helped me pull it together. They did in 30 minutes what would have taken me days to figure out. Maybe because they sit around a mess with the computer most of the day…….hmmmmmmm? Thanks for your help guys—I really, really, really appreciate it!


  3. Yay!! ….for the flowers, the date, and the help with the blog! It looks great….kinda fun too huh? It's nice to personalize it and make it your own.


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