What do these three things have in common?

Socks–This is the first pair of dress socks I bought for Slim–each of the boys have worn them. Smiley is just about to out grow them. Can you believe they have lasted through 7 boys? Me either. Now, these aren’t the only pair they have had, but still…no one pair of socks should have last through SEVEN BOYS!!!
Holly tree—This is the holly tree from down-under, literally!! When we moved in (March), it was almost as tall as I am. (No wise cracks from you tall people!) We chopped all of the branches off to leave only the stump. Spanky, Scuff, and Drew spent an entire week digging underneath the roots so we could remove the stump. They dug under 7/8 of the tree and removed the roots and the trunk would not budge, even with several of us putting all of our weight into it!!! We think when they poured the cement driveway, they must have poured concrete over the roots. Next, we brought over a friend and his chainsaw and cut
down the tree, leaving only the tiny stump you can see in the photo. (The deck is on top of the stump.) In June or July, we noticed tiny little shoots from the stump. So we drilled holes in the stump and filled them with Borax and removed all of the new growth. In October, when I removed the tomato plants, this is what I found—NEW GROWTH ON THE HOLLY TREE!! This is the most tenacious plant I have ever met!
ME–This is where we tie it all together! I have been ‘Mother’ now for 19 years. Slim is putting in his mission papers this week and receiving the Melchizedek priesthood. I can’t believe we have made it this far. I know we have several more years to go—about 15 until Smiley moves out. But I hope I am as well made as that pair of dress socks and as tenacious as that holly tree. I hope after all of the bad things people do to me or how often they tell me what I am doing isn’t worth my time, or that motherhood isn’t important, I can point to the lives of our children and say, ‘What could have been more important than these? Surely this is where it is at. Look at what they have become and who they are and where they are going. Look at their children….What I did was the most important thing I could have done with my time, my talents, and my energy. And the world just doesn’t realize how important and significant my job is. I’m so grateful the prophets did!!’

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2 Comments on “What do these three things have in common?

  1. you were supposed to let us guess what the three \”things\” (i don't think of you as a \”thing\”) had in common! it would have been fun! anyway… i loved it. AND, let your boys know that if they want to practice cleaning a \”cleaner\” toilet… if theirs is too dirty… COME ON OVER! i'll leave the doors unlocked! 🙂 love ya carin! you are awesome!


  2. you write so beautifully! No truer words were spoken than when it was said that being a mom is the toughest job you'll ever love. You are an inspiration in so many ways and my family is so blessed to know you and your sweet family. I'm enjoying your blog!


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