Springer’s Blessing Dress

 So here is the blessing dress I made for the Springer’s little girl.  B. was one of my young women.  She married in the temple to a fabulous returned missionary!!  And now they have a beautiful little girl.

When we had Sun, I wanted to make her a blessing dress, but with all of her older brothers, trying to do so just wasn’t even a possibility.  Needless to say, Heavenly Father knew of my wishes and my heart’s desire.  He prompted my favorite aunt to make one for me.  I cried and cried because it was exactly the way I would have wanted it, style, material and all.  Plus it came from someone who is extremely important to me.  (Thanks Janelle 🙂

Now I have had the opportunity to ‘pay it forward!!’  The Springer’s were in the process of moving and having a baby and choosing law school all within weeks of each other.  So I had the fortune and ability to make one for them.

 What a joy!!  I had so much fun sewing that I just couldn’t put it down and every time I picked it up, it was all I could do to stop and take care of my family.  But I did manage to balance things.  Anyway, Congratulations my dear friends!!  I had a ton of fun making such a beautiful item and I hope it works for what you need.

You probably didn’t need so many views, but I wanted you to be able and see the pattern work in the dress.
  Soooooo much fun!!

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