What does THIS:                                                                      

 = ????
Riddle #2:
What does this: 
= ?????
And finally, what does this:
= ?????
Answers on Tuesday…….here’s a hint.  None of the above riddles end in: 

3 Comments on “Riddles……..

  1. that's too bad…. ;)Glittery toenails. Trek?? Overall it looks like someone is going to a really fun party. thought about you a lot this week. we went to see BYU-I dance alliance and I saw that they were in Eureka right before they came to Bend.


  2. #1 Glitter toenails. I still think it is funny that the boys got one toenail done.#2 Trek??#3 50's party.Do I win the prize??? You know how competitive I am 😉


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