The Turkey’s Go On Strike!!

Well….here is my famous little turkey!  The sixth grade class performed their annual Turkey play.  (All the Turkey’s go on strike because they are tired of disappearing at Christmas.  The cranberries think they should be the main course–they are tired of being a side dish.  The squashes vie for more eatable options–like milkshakes, cake and in your cereal.  The mediators and arbitrators fight about who can fix the crises.  The news media reports on the event and the stress between the football players, who can’t play if the turkeys on on strike, the turkeys, and the Joe Q. Public, who don’t want to change Thanksgiving from Thursday to another day of the week to resolve the issue… a few others, not mentioned.)  It is one of my favorite performances each year.  I watch it over and over even when my children aren’t in it.  Total run time is 30 minutes with intro and everything. 

Darren and Jacob were both Turkeys so our family thinks all of the children should be a turkey when they are a sixth grader.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens for Allison, Spencer and Joshua 🙂

Here is our gorgeous sunset yesterday…..(no photo-shopping, sootc–straight out of the camera for you non-photo people)

Today it has just rained and rained…all day, no stopping …..can’t win them all 🙂  Happy Day!!

2 Comments on “The Turkey’s Go On Strike!!

  1. It has been raining a lot here also, and they are predicting snow for Sun. evening??? I really don't see it happening, but who knows in Oregon if you don't like the weather wait awhile. It sounds like everyone loves turkey and being one HA!! I love it and it is funny. I always enjoyed it when the kids were small and everyone was having a good time. But alas they do grow older and leave. Enjoy it all now. Love you all


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