It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Here are our door decorations…..the only outside lights I have right now 🙂 
And below are the little boys helping me set up the Christmas tree.  Friday after Thanksgiving Spencer was relentless in hounding me to get the Christmas decoration boxes down.  I finally did get them down, but still haven’t put them up yet.  Drew got up the outside lights and the little guys did the tree…Now Alli will put the lights on today and we’ll begin decorating the entire house!!  I love Christmas!!!  And with Playlist, I can create my own Christmas music and not pay a cent!!  Now we just need some scented candles or pine cones so it smells like Christmas too 🙂  Happy Holidays!!

(I don’t know which child took this photo….I just really liked it and thought it was funny that it was all hat!)

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