12 days and counting!!

Yep….we are down to the wire…for Johnathan and our new addition (still no name).  I went in yesterday for an ultrasound.  Very little boy, who sucks his thumb and has a round face.  The crib is set up.  The clothes are washed.  The diapers are here.  It is really setting in that he is coming and soon.  I imagine that after he gets here there will be less and less time for blogging until I adjust to having a new little person in our home.  I am getting a little excited to welcome him home.

And feeling a little sad for sending Johnathan off.  It has been so fun to have him home for these last few months.  (Although the food bill is higher and all of the leftovers are gone!)  I know he will be a marvelous missionary!!  I cannot believe we will have two missionaries out in the field and a new baby.  I did feel a little better about the whole thing when I learned that Elder Maxwell’s mother had a baby while he was serving his mission and President Monson’s mother had a baby three weeks before he was married, after he had graduated from college, been engaged for a year and also had an older sister.  I decided maybe it was OK to have a baby this old.

Well…..that is my quick update.  Hopefully everything will go well with this delivery.  Wish me luck!!

2 Comments on “12 days and counting!!

  1. i've been thinking about you! and very excited to see pictures of that new little one. that means you'd better be posting them. or having someone else do it while you're eating your bon bons! 😉 have something special for you! sending it soon!


  2. I'm excited that your little one is coming soon! Hope everything goes smooth too, and saying prayers for you both. Wish I could bee there to bring dinner when the time comes.


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