Emotionally High Maintenance People…

5 reasons why I love them:

I find their attitude hilarious!!  No, seriously—they make me laugh.  If you really listen to why they are upset, their reasons are valid and I can TOTALLY relate to why they are upset.  But mostly it is a matter of their perspective and not taking into account the other circumstances or people involved in a given situation.

They keep me on my toes!!  They are so bright….very smart people.  It takes a lot of intellectual and emotional work to bring them to a point of mutual understanding.

Nurturing them is a challenge for me.  I have plenty of flaws—but I am really good at nurturing people…figuring out what they need to fluff their emotions.  I just read them well.  The high maintenance ones make me work.  I find the challenge exhilarating and exhausting!!

I have several of them.  I’ll just illustrate with the littlest one.  He needs to have his needs met NOW!!  I know, I know, you are thinking “All babies are like that.”  No–this one is different (and I have had a few…).  He will scream at the top of his lungs, bang his head against you, lunge into nursing position because he is tired and wants to go to sleep.  If you put him down during the process, he will scream until he vomits.  At night, I have to stop anything I am doing @ 6 p.m., lay down with him, and nurse him/sing to him until he falls asleep.  If he doesn’t get to bed when he is ready, he gets all keyed up and he won’t sleep for hours.  That is NOT an enjoyable evening!  Done it a few times….  I hope he is not quite so demanding as he gets older.  We shall see.

Secretly, I think I may be one….enough said.

Here are Heather’s five things.

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