Peace and Hope amidst Adversity and Trial.

This has been a very emotional week for me.  Instead of numbering them, I will walk you through day by day.

Monday:  Two phone calls from two girlfriends whom I love dearly.  One is struggling with a new life growing inside her and the reaction her parents are going to have to the news.  We talk for an hour, especially about her relationship with her father.  The other has received a calling that is overwhelming to her and wants counsel and advice.  We talk for an hour.  It was so very fun to talk to my dear friends, both of whom no longer live close.  But we are sisters still and our hearts are knit together.

Tuesday:  My anniversary.  Drew and I have been married for twenty-two years!!  I never could imagine having a relationship that has lasted that long. We talk about eternity and I am working on building it, but the application of doing so is often overwhelming.  We work on it daily.  I am so very grateful for all that the prophets have said about marriage and for the example of those around me who have been married longer and are happy.  I love my sweetheart!  He is amazing.  The more I learn about him, the more amazing he is.  Thanks for putting up with me, Honey!  I’m sure it is not easy.

Wednesday:  One of the above friends finds out that her pregnancy is not viable.  She is pregnant, but there is no baby.  We talk for an hour.  I cry for her.  She texts me later to let me know that a mutual friend delivered her twins yesterday at only 23 weeks gestation.  She and the babies, of course, are in the hospital.  I cry for her and add their family to my prayers.  I learn one of my kids is struggling financially and needs help.

Thursday:  I follow a couple of blogs which I decide to update on.  One is Hope for Allisa.  I find out Allisa passed away January 6, 2012.  I cry for the family.  I read Mason’s Journal and find out that they are having a very emotional week also.  At the end of a long day of driving people and taking care of business, I learn that my friend with the twins, lost one of them this morning.  I cry most of the evening for my friend and her family.

Friday:  Today is a new day.  I do not know what it will hold.  Through all of the above trials and tears, I read of, hear of, and we talk of the hope that we have in our lives because of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We all believe in the resurrection, His and ours.  We KNOW we will see our loved ones again.  We just don’t know exactly when that day will be.  We know and understand that our Savior descended below all things and because of that, we know He is perfectly capable and willing to succor us, comfort us, and help us through our trials, stress, and even heartache.  Peace is there, along with the sadness.  We know we will emotionally be OK.  We know in our deepest sorrows, He is there, with open arms, to hold us and wipe our tears.  My prayers are with you all.

Heather’s five things Friday

2 Comments on “Peace and Hope amidst Adversity and Trial.

  1. Wow. 😦 I too am grateful for the perspective the gospel gives us. Can you imagine living this life without it? :-/


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