A few frantic, Friday fragments


This is basketball season at our house!  As the boys got older (Slim participated in almost every sport available!), it became increasingly difficult to maintain a year-round sports schedule with a large family, piano, scouts, church calling, school, extra music performances for choir, orchestra, or band, etc, etc, etc….  One day I determined that we had had enough busyness.  I dropped piano and declared that one sport per person per year would be all that we could manage.  To tell the truth, it was all that I could manage.  Everyone took it pretty well.  Over the next few weeks, we talked about what each child would like to do.  Every single one of them chose basketball, which was fine with me because I lettered in basketball in high school two years.  I love the sport.  March Madness is a holiday at our house.  Basketball is great!  The only problem is that if everyone is playing, basketball season is CRAZY at our house!  Most seasons we have three people playing, which means three different practice schedules and three different games on Saturday.  Luckily we are all only playing community ball, which is WAY less time and stress than a school team.  Let the chaos begin!

Logic Problems

The last few weeks, I have introduced my younger set of children to logic problems.  They are totally fun!!  I first started them when I was in the third grade.  They are just fun games that help make you think, kind of deductive reasoning.  We have found a totally great website that puts out two new puzzles every day and you can download them and print them for free!!

Stake Conference

Stake Conference is this weekend for us.  Need I say more??  I love our stake conferences!  The adult session on Saturday evening, of course, is my favorite.  I always feel so spiritually fed.  And I love the break from the typical Sunday routine.  I cannot wait to hear what our leaders have prepared!

 College and FAFSAs

I spent the morning yesterday finishing off the FAFSA applications for my college students who will be attending this fall!  Slim will be coming home from his mission and attending Southern Virginia University.  And Scuff is waiting to hear from the colleges he has applied to.  We will find out more in February.  But either way, we are so very grateful our boys want to get an education!!  Hooray!

My baby in a sweater

This great sweater was made by Drew’s co-worker! It is so cute and she chose GREAT colors!!  Today our 15 year old came up to him and said, hey, baby, do you like your sweater???  I like your sweater!!  I thought it was so cute.  Thanks Barret!

Five Things for Friday, Heather style

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