Where has Carin been??

Sorry friends and family!!

I have been off-line, at least not blogging, for a few weeks.  I have been attending to a few more important matters, just trying to maintain balance.  My house needed a thorough decluttering.  I still have some closets and the kitchen to go through, but at least I got rid of several bags of clothes and a few old dishes, and some nasty furniture!!  Hooray!!  (Now I just need to put the Christmas decorations away!!!  They are down, but not up in the attic.)

Also our baby cut his first tooth, so that has been lovely.  And I’ve been helping a few friends with some difficult situations.  But do not fear!!!  We are good here at our house.  And now that some of the bigger things are done, I can post a blog here and there 🙂

Deep thoughts……hmmmmm……don’t have any right now.  Still in the declutter mode.  Then my brain and my space will be free to ruminate!  You’ll just have to stick around and see what I come up with!!

‘Til then!!

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