Fly-lady Revisited

OK…what is my inspiration today???

Well….I dropped seven pounds in two weeks!  OK, spiritual??  Well, kind of.  Let me explain.  I have been fighting a huge ‘drop weight’ battle since I got married.  With each child, I have added at least 10 pounds.  What was once only 20 pounds overweight, has turned into 60 pounds overweight.  Over the years I have tried various weight loss programs, always tied down by the fact that I have no money to spend on fads or other awesome weight loss programs, so I am resigned to things I read and my own personal self discipline or lack thereof.  Not a winning program!  But in the last two weeks, I have discovered a miracle, which is this:

I don’t have to be perfect all the time!!  You heard me right.  Let me repeat:  I don’t have to do it perfectly all the time! 

I have struggled with the fact that I never can completely fulfill something perfectly.  I always cheat or blow the plan and then because I blew it, I give up and I don’t do it or I just think, I’ll start again tomorrow.  This time, I have made smaller more realistic goals, like walking four times a week instead of six, dropping 2 lbs this week, instead of eating the plan exactly (or dropping 20 lbs)! and making sure I am reading my scriptures and saying my prayers.  I don’t have to be perfect, but if I try to keep the goals in mind and I eat more vegetables than other stuff, then it hasn’t seemed to matter that I stuffed down two cupcakes and a brownie that day because I also ate a huge salad and for dinner had more vegetables than rice or bread or potatoes.  And the weight is slowly but steadily coming off because I am more consistent about basic principles instead of beating myself up because I am not completely perfect in the program.

This is a fly-lady principle….that may not mean anything to you, but this is it:  A little is better than none and more consistency with the little will add up in the long run.  So how is this spiritual??  Well, it works with spiritual stuff too.  So you don’t say your prayers or read every single day, or that isn’t manageable for you ….a little is better than none.  Don’t just give up!!  Do it when you think about it and keep working on it.  Eventually your good decisions will outweigh your bad decisions and the little will add up to a lot in the long run.  FHE too….whatever the principle is you are working on, tithing, reading scriptures, going to church…..just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do?  We SWWWIIIIIMMMM!!  Think of it as the ‘Dory’ principle 🙂

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