Girls’ Day!!

So every once in a while, my friends and I get together and just kind of play hooky the entire day (as much as a mother can really play hooky, which is never the entire day…..).  Yesterday was that day for us.  We met at my house around 10, realized that one of us didn’t get the information that we were meeting, tried to make contact via cell phone….no luck.  So we decided to drive over to her house and kidnap her, which we did.  Luckily it was late enough in the day that she was ready without any advanced notice!

Then we ran up to another little town, had AMAZING crepes in a very cute little restaurant with tons of atmosphere, all the while visiting and enjoying each others’ company.

Then we decided we weren’t done yet and we ran off to the beach, had quite a little hike to a secluded cove (I am told it is the only approved place for nude sunbathing…luckily it was too foggy and cloudy and no one else was there :-), and just took in the ocean air, smells, sounds, mist and all!  And we only arrived home in time to pick up the children from school.  It was a glorious day!

Here are some photos:

Us resting in the middle of the uphill hike home
Not part of the day, but too beautiful not to post.  Sunset

 I couldn’t help but feel such profound gratitude for my beautiful children and sweet spouse after such a refreshing morning.  “Sometimes you just have to get out of the hamster wheel” one of my hiking friends is apt to say!  Thanks for the break ladies!!  So needed at my house.  I love you my dear friends 🙂

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