Mothering Moment

Yesterday my little man Spike, Spike (16 months) was pretty obnoxious and very demanding.  I could not figure out WHAT his issue was…………..and I am very good at reading little people (just ask some of my friends!).  Anyway, he was SUPER in my face about everything.  I could not get anything done. 

I had a goal of getting rid of the last box of apples that I have been putting up.  They have only been sitting on my kitchen table for about 10 days! UGH! 

We had a very busy morning, the dishwasher repairman showed up, I bought airline tickets for college boys and bus passes for home boys, we made laundry soap so we could actually WASH the laundry, made bread, took care of lunch, helped Sun with a sewing project, curtailed indoor basketball (because it was raining outside and Thanksgiving break—a week off of school where we live), and I was FINALLY settling down to tackle the apples @ 4 p.m., when I received a phone call that needed attention.  The baby was going ballistic!  I could not console him.

I got off of the phone and decided maybe he was hungry since he usually is starving by 4:30.  As tried feeding him several things, with him complaining and pushing everything I put in front of him away, I began to take inventory of what he had actually eaten that day.  I had offered him a muffin and smoothy at breakfast, but he only ate two scrambled eggs and a glass of rice milk.  At 10 he had about 3 crackers and another glass of rice milk.  Before his nap, we tried to feed him spaghetti and applesauce, neither of which he ate more than a few nibbles.  And I hadn’t fed him anything since.


He is starving!  He is a picky eater!  And OH YA’!  He is trying to cut molars!  I’ll bet his teeth are hurting and he can’t eat anything I have offered him without it hurting his teeth………He hasn’t liked my applesauce because I left the peels on the apples for the sake of fiber and it is too gritty for his tastes, picky person!

So, knowing that he loves pot-stickers, I fried several of them, pulled out the stuffing, and cut it up.  He ate the fillings.  I made a pot of rice.  He wouldn’t eat it with soy-sauce, but he ate plain rice.  I also fed him a piece of hot bread with strawberry jelly and a little jar of baby food applesauce (no peels), and of course, the ever steady glass of rice milk.  He was happy for the first time all day.  What a piece of work!

Maybe today we will START with ibuprofen!

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