Sweet Service

Giving service always makes me smile and I feel happy inside, even when it wasn’t a service I initially wanted to give.  I have hoped that as my children have also participated in such service, their hearts would feel the same joy and peace.  Today, I was the recipient of such a service from one of my children.

I was so tired last night that I decided to go to bed right after I put the baby down.  Usually I bring the monitor upstairs when I go to bed so I can hear when the baby wakes up.  I forgot.  As I was drifting off to sleep, my husband said he would bring the monitor up when he went to bed.

I woke up at 3 a.m. when I heard the baby cry, but noticed that I didn’t see the monitor anywhere.  Drew asked where I was going.  I told him that I had heard the baby cry and was going to check on him. 

Drew said, “Don’t you dare.  Speedy wanted you to sleep well tonight, so he took the monitor to bed with him and he is getting up with the baby tonight.  Right now, the baby is asleep on Speedy’s chest.  He is taking care of him.  Go back to bed.”

I am so grateful for husbands!!  I would have gone down there to help him out.  Instead, my sweet boy gave a heart felt and difficult service.  This is where he was at 10:00 a.m.:

Thank you Speedy!!!  I needed the sleep.  
This little face didn’t greet me  until 7:30!!

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