Five for Friday–Christmas Ornament Edition

We are linking up with Heather @ Women in the Scriptures today and sharing our favorite Christmas decorations.

#1 on the list has to be our Santa hats.  When I was a girl, I wanted one so bad!  Well, when we got married and started having children, I decided we all needed Santa hats!  When they go on clearance sale after the holiday, we buy more if we need them.  Everyone has one and we have put their names in them.  It is a big deal every year.  The first thing the kids want is their Santa hat.  Speedy even told me he has a friend who has a camo Santa hat.  How cool is that?  I have seen some of the variations, but my favorites are still the traditional ones.  Yea for Santa hats!

I couldn’t resist this one in his Christmas pajamas.

 #2.  This is my favorite Christmas wreath.  My sister-in-law made the wreath.  The reindeer is from my best high school friend when they were giving them away free with Burger King meals.  I think he is about 24 years old.  And the little angel was made by another friend whom I love.  I think that is why they are special to me.  They come from special people.

#3  I LOVE these little carolers.  I made them at an activity when we were visiting my husband’s parents home.  (Yes, I went to their RS activity.)  I love them so much.  They keep falling apart and I keep gluing them back together.  I don’t know why I like them so much.  It is funny to me that two black haired people would have a blonde daughter and a red-headed son.  Guess I should have thought about that before I chose the hair colors, huh?

#4 I also love our Christmas stockings and our tree skirt.  I bought them at totally different places and times.  But I love the snowmen and reindeer.  I realized this year that I decorate in reindeer and snowmen for Christmas and I decorate in navy blue and burgundy……..which is funny.  I have a navy blue and burgundy couch and my other couches are burgundy and we just put in burgundy curtains.   My wedding colors were navy and pink.  I guess I have always liked those colors.  Drew kept asking me if I didn’t want them in pink.  I told him I must have matured….burgundy is just a mature pink right?

#5.  Stocking hangers.  I have always loved stocking hangers to hang the stockings from the mantel.  We do not have a mantel that would work for hanging stockings on.  I have not been able to find quality ones that I really like.  These are two of my favorites.  I think we only have four and I have never been able to find enough that I like that match.  Couple that with the fact that the little ones just pull the stockings and then the quality, heavy hangers fall onto their heads, well, I just kind of bagged collecting them.  But I still love these ones, even though they have a few knicks from being dropped plenty of times.

Well that’s it.  Those are my favorites, even if they were really posted on Saturday, right?  Have a very Merry Christmas!  Our favorite tradition?  We eat birthday cake on Christmas day to help the children remember that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, not Santa.  For all of the Santa decorations we have, we don’t even have Santa come to the house to deliver gifts.

One Comment on “Five for Friday–Christmas Ornament Edition

  1. What a fun tradition to eat birthday cake on Christmas! I love that. I have one of those brown reindeers too. I think that Jon's grandma gave it to me one year. I didn't know they were from Burger King— how funny. My kids love it!


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