Mark Schultz

Our young adult, Scuff is home for Christmas!!!  He shared this video and story with me and I just thought it was too beautiful not to post!!  Enjoy….watch the music first, then the story, then you’ll want to watch the music again……….trust me.

Now the story:

One of my very best friends growing up was adopted.  She had a deep desire to know her birth mother and the circumstances around being placed for adoption.  It was something that was always in the back of her mind, and sometimes in the front of it.  It was of particular interest to her because she wondered about her nationality and health histories.

Two Christmases ago, she sent me a letter letting me know that she had indeed found her birth mother and her birth family.  She finally had the answers to so many of her questions.

I have other friends who have adopted their children.  They love them dearly and they are great parents.

Adoption is a wonderful gift!!  It is a very unselfish choice for a young woman to realize that a family with a mother and a father will offer her child a gift she may not be able to.  This song and story simply touched my heart and reaffirmed my feelings.

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