Five Things for Friday Valentine’s Week Edition

#1 Stitches at our house too.  (Monday)
On Monday, during family home evening, my little baby was experimenting with circles and making himself dizzy.  It was fun to watch, until he got a little too woozy by the fireplace and fell close enough to hit his head.  I ran over and scooped him up to cuddle his little hurt self.  I pulled him away to make sure he was breathing and saw the gash in his head that had not yet started to bleed.  I immediately put my hand over it and started applying pressure and told one of the bigger kids to get me a towel.  They brought me one and I started using that to apply pressure as we discussed how bad it was and if it needed stitches. 

The last time I took one of the children to the ER for stitches after hours, we were there for FIVE hours and then they didn’t even put stitches in because the wound had begun to scab over.  I was so mad and not about to do that with this little 18 month old who doesn’t tolerate pain.  After a bit of discussion, we decided to call a family friend (retired doctor).  They said, bring him over, we have everything we need here at the house.  So we went.  He was doctored on the kitchen table by two people in bathrobes! Half an hour and two stitches later we were on the way home to put the baby to bed. 

Thank goodness for good friends who love us!  We will return in a week to have them removed.

For a head wound, it didn’t bleed that much.  I was surprised.  Maybe it was because I applied pressure so quickly, or maybe it was just where he hit it.  I don’t know.  I was grateful there wasn’t more blood.  So far he has been willing to leave the band-aid on his head.

#2 Super-sensitive Smiley (Friday)
For the last few days, my little Smiley has really struggled with finishing up his responsibilities.  Yesterday I decided to call him on it.  He got home from school and I didn’t let him play or watch TV until he had done his morning chores (three days undone), caught his homework up (two days undone plus yesterday’s), and did his afternoon job.  He was not a happy camper, complained that no one loved him or cared about him and he does EVERYTHING!  Well…….we had a little talk about responsibilities and taking care of them when we know what they are even if we are not asked to do them directly.

This morning, on the way to school, I asked if he had finished his morning jobs.  He reported that he was going to do them this afternoon.  To which I replied, yes you are, but you will be going to bed early tonight.  Tears and big sighs.  Seriously?! 

Did you know what your jobs were this morning? (Yes)
Did we have a talk yesterday about doing them every day when you know what they are? (Yes)
Have we discussed the consequences for not doing your jobs? (Yes)
Then you should probably have the consequences for not fulfilling your responsibilities, right? (Oh!)
More tears as we are pulling into the school.

(I always get yelled at!)
Oh boy!  Smiley, I am not yelling.  I am not mad.  Look at my face, am I angry??  (No.)
Right, this is not yelling.   We are having a discussion.  And you are having consequences for your choices.

I think he was happy to just get out of the car 🙂

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#3 Valentine’s Day (Thursday)
I have a great husband!  He took me out to dinner last night.  We had a great conversation about many, many things and then we hung out together and ate cake, came home and watched a show with our bigger boys.  I crashed on the couch and went to bed early because I have had a killer headache for the last three days.  Stinky thing!

I also have great kids!  Yesterday, I took Drew and Sport to different dentists at different times and then had to drive them to their various places.  I also went grocery shopping for the week.  Because my time was occupied so much of the day, I didn’t get into the shower until 4 p.m. to get ready for my hot date with my sweetheart.  As I am in the bathroom doing hair and make-up, I hear Speedy complaining that basketball practice has already started and he is missing it.  Ooops!  I forgot.  So I poke my head out, explain that my hot date starts in 20 minutes and I won’t be available for picking up from practice and ask if Speedy would be willing to skip it.  He agrees.  Thanks buddy!  Yea for great kids!

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#4 A Spaghetti story (Tuesday)
Background:  I made my menu and grocery shopping list last week (Thursday).  Did the grocery shopping and was careful to stay within my budget.  Realized on Saturday, that I had forgotten to purchase tomato sauce and had planned spaghetti for later in the week.  Wondered how I was going to manage that without any tomato sauce.  Didn’t worry about it and figured that I would probably change the menu and deal with it later.

I have a dear friend who has been taking the missionary lessons.  We meet periodically to hang out and have dinner, sometimes with a lesson, sometimes without, sometimes dinner, sometimes without.  Anyway, we were planning on having a discussion this week.  When we were talking about when and what that looked like, it became clear to us that it would work better for both families if we included dinner this time.  When she asked what she could bring, I knew the answer!!!!  Tomato sauce!  She also brought a nice salad.

So nice that Heavenly Father fixed my tomato sauce issue with my dear friend!  If you are reading….THANK YOU!!  Love you!

#5 Wednesday
Suffice it to say Wednesday was nutso!  We are a very busy family on Wednesdays.  We usually go swimming, have mutual, scouts, activity days, bishopric meeting, and a basketball practice.  This week, no swimming, but I added in an impromptu visiting teaching appointment.  I called to set an appointment with a sister that I haven’t been able to get in contact with for four months.  She answered the phone and I said when can I come and see you?  Right now.  Really??  Sure!  So off I went.

It really was fine.  She wasn’t trying to be obstinate or difficult, it was just really best for her right now and the kids were kind of managing themselves.

Isn’t visiting teaching crazy??  I love it and know it is an inspired program.  I have some great stories and some not so great stories.  To me, it is like the other gospel principles, I waffle in my ability to do it well all of the time.  Some days I get a ton out of it, other times, I feel like it is a chore.  I have a testimony of the program and most of the time I love the people.  Once in a while I have an assignment that I find extremely difficult.  I am currently planning our Visiting Teaching Conference.  Food, decorations, child-care, set-up, clean-up are all taken care of.  The program is still coming together.  If you have any fabulous ideas you’d like to share…….pass them on.

Have a great week!
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