A few random moments I want to remember!

My babies do not like to have feet in their pajamas.  I keep thinking each kid will like the pj’s with feet.  We buy new ones (or used ones at the thrift shop).  I make them wear them with the feet for a week or so until the baby just absolutely refuses to put them on.  Then I remember that they don’t like the feet.  I finally give in and cut them out.  Then my babies will wear their jammies without complaint.  I think it is just because my boys (in particular) have really big, sweaty feet, even as babies.  I wish I would just accept that and as soon as I bring the pj’s home, just cut the feet out and save a week of complaining!  Some day this mother will learn.

I went outside the other day to pick up what I thought was an underwear waistband. …..Well it was that.  I couldn’t believe it was just out in the backyard, lying around.  When I actually picked it up,

THIS is what I found:

A sling shot.  Yes, one of my boys tore the underwear waistband off of his underwear and made a sling shot out of it.  Where do they come up with these things??  It is actually held to the band with little nails.  Don’t you just love the ingenuity??  I’m sorry, your mother will not purchase a slingshot for you because, well, you’re a boy and we all know what will happen with that.  So you’ll make one of your own out of your underwear!  You must be a boy scout!

Speedy’s epic fruit master piece:

Yesterday after church, Spike, Spike and I were hanging out eating a bag of popcorn.  It was just me and him.  It was so cute to watch him stuff four to five pieces into his tiny little mouth, to kick back onto the couch and just enjoy hanging out with me.  I could picture him as a teen doing the exact same thing, only I probably could not share the couch with him because he would take up the entire thing.  But I just love those moments when you can see into their personality and imagine them a few years older and see in your mind, their development.  I JUST LOVE BEING A MOTHER!

And then there is this beauty:

Her missionary papers are almost in, probably this week!  We are so glad to have her home for a few months before her service!  We love you!!

One Comment on “A few random moments I want to remember!

  1. I LOVE the slingshot. Ahh, life with a house full of boys. Wonderful! And your princess is sure growing up fast! Enjoyed catching up on past posts and life at your house.


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