Five for Friday–emotional edition

This has been a super emotional week for me.  I have been totally ecstatic and completely sad.  It is so very strange to be on both emotional ends of life.  Just as a side note, I am typically very even keeled.  I do not have big mood swings and I keep things under wraps pretty well (more than I should, the Lord is helping me to learn).  So here are the highlights:

1.  My first guest post aired this week on Chocolate on my Cranium!!  It was so exciting for me!!  Not that I think everyone should read what I blog about, but it was really nice and uplifting to publish something well read and have positive feedback–not to mention all the extra traffic my blog received!  Woohoo!!  I can’t wait to do it again sometime or just keep linking in so more great readers like you come back to check out what’s going on here @ Building Eternity.  I like people!  What can I say??

2.   My big boys have needed significant help this week.  We have been figuring out plans for coming home from college, buying plane tickets, fixing tax issues, applying for college classes (for our missionary), setting up housing, applying for jobs and coordinating all of those things and all of those people, and also taking extra exams for high school entrance, and playing catch up in the homeschooling department because of weeks of sickness and extra people at home.  Whew!  There has just been

3.  My husband and I have been considering a major change in our lives.  As I have pondered the situation and the decision before us, I have had some very stark emotional realizations.  The changes are not wise financially or temporally.  They will cause a lot of stress.  But I have wanted to make the changes because I am sad.  Now, I know I have this same relationship with food when I am sad, but I had no idea I would be willing to make other major changes because I was unhappy.  (Not depressed, mind you, just not super happy.)  So this entire week, I have been seriously pondering, praying, crying, feeling my emotions that I have been stuffing for weeks, and weeks, and weeks.  Wow!  I had no idea that stuff was in there.  Now that I have exhausted those emotions and figured out where I really am emotionally and why I am there, I am ready to move on.  I am going to make some small changes that can be managed financially and temporally.  I am finally going to paint the ‘man cave.’  Yes!  Starting today 🙂  Wait for the photos.

My awesome new curtains in the man cave
And new light sconces!!!  Instead of these:

4.  My baby has really started talking!!!  This week he started saying: ‘bubbles,’ ‘Blue’s Clues,’ ‘eggs,’ and yelling for his Dad and asking for hugs.  He holds his arms out and says, ‘a hug?’.  It is so cute!!

5.  And finally, I am so very grateful this weekend is General Conference, where I have the opportunity to listen to the prophets speak and have my sad soul uplifted and rejuvenated. Then I can kick myself back into gear and continue the work of the kingdom instead of being weary in well-doing.  Time to pull it together 🙂  The words of the prophets are the exact thing to do it!!  If you want to listen too, you can join us HERE!!

Have a great weekend!  I know I will 🙂


One Comment on “Five for Friday–emotional edition

  1. Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry you are having a troubled time, it is so hard to have all of those grown up children and still have babies. I know that it is hard to do life changes also, keep praying and pondering and it will all come together. I love you and you and your family are in my prayers. Hugs and kisses Maybe uncle Ed and I will get down there sometime this summer. Love


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