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 Do you ever feel sometimes like life is swallowing you?  Like there is so much going on in each and every direction in your life it is difficult to be yourself?

Things have been so busy at our house lately that I have been letting the more important things slide and I can feel it.

We have remodeling drama….the bathroom is being remodeled so I have extra people in and out of the house every day with extra decisions to be made about placements, colors, textures…all sorts of stuff.  (Even in the process of removing the old insulation, they found a dead creature in the attic….lovely.  At least it was dead!)  The electricity is off in the bathroom, but that switch apparently also controls the furnace, outlets in the children’s room, and the outlet the cordless phone and the microwave are plugged into, and the kitchen light.  So we can either have the microwave or the phone, but not both.  It has been an interesting adjustment.  But the electrician comes tomorrow, so our time with this condition is almost over.  Plus I still have a few finishing touches to take care of in my painting of the man-cave.

We have end of school drama….Speedy is supposed to be finished with his classes and schoolwork by the 22nd of May (that is next week, folks).  We have been cranking out the schoolwork and writing essays.  We have two finals ordered, one we should be able to order later today, and one that will have to wait to be ordered hopefully on Friday before the close of business.  Then we have one class we are so behind on and hopefully will be able to finish before the finals actually arrive.  Needless to say, Speedy has not been in a very good mood and is pretty frustrated.

We have older kid drama….Slim is home from college and working but needs rides to and from work, two jobs.  Scuff is home from college and preparing for his mission and endowment.  He is leaving in two weeks, so we are trying to polish off his last minute items, clothing purchases, immunizations, driver’s license, packing, etc…  Then we are trying to get things in order for the temple, clothing, recommends, mental and spiritual preparations.

We have food drama….trying to feed three extra adults on the same food budget….OY…no left-overs ever!  I am not grocery shopping until Friday and we are already out of eggs, milk, butter, potatoes, noodles, fruit, meat, etc…  I should not complain.  We have plenty of food in the house and we will not be hungry, I just have to come up with new and exciting ways to eat it.  Oatmeal, for breakfast, some kind of vegies for lunch, and probably a meatless or vegetable chili for dinner.  I can make any breads with powdered eggs….(OK sorry, just thinking to myself…)

We also have extra emotional (unnamed to protect the innocent and guilty) drama which is causing a lot of stress.  Each day is new and heightened drama to work through, ponder through, pray through and try to be Christ-like through.

As I have thought about all of this extra emotional managing, I have realized that I am not consistently reading my scriptures.  Prayers are good.  Scriptures need work.  On the days I do it, life and drama are better, or at least my capacity to manage them is improved.  On the days when I don’t….not so good.  I know part of the drama is due to the fact that we have two temple endowments coming up and one missionary to send out now, and one in two months.  Always, for us, the principle is whenever big spiritual milestones are ahead….we get extra drama to dissuade us from keeping things in spiritual order.  So sorry to the blogging world, but we are trying to keep our spiritual and emotional boats afloat and that requires balance and time.  Over the last few weeks, pretty much all of May, we have been working on keeping that balance and bringing things back into balance when we can see that the drama is out of harmony and we are all out of sorts.

Please excuse me, I have to get back to ……..HEY!  Stop pouring syrup all over the floor……oh ya…and toddler drama…..BYE!

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