Winding down and Rev-ving up

Here we are, down to the wire for Tammy.  We finished her party on Saturday night.  It was so very cute.  She had brown table cloths with cut-out shapes of Wisconsin with her address in them for her guests to take.  For the center pieces, she had chalk board painted small frames that could stand independently and written favorite scriptures and sayings on them.  Yesterday she finished her talks in both wards.  Today is washing day and packing day and setting apart day.  Tomorrow she flies away.  Wednesday is MTC day.

I have loved having her home.  We have really enjoyed our time together and getting things ready for her to serve.  I know you will be amazing Tammy!!  You can do it!  We even got her missionary plaque on the wall.  Her plaque looks like this (since my camera is dead, I don’t have a photo of hers….):

She used this photo:

Isn’t she beautiful??

We purchase our plaques from:
Awards by Navajo (ABN)
2364 Fletcher Parkway
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 465-2881

My friend Melinda’s family runs the business.  They do amazing work….you should check them out.

We are also revving up for Spanky’s return:  Our Orlando, Florida missionary comes home in a week!!  It will fun to have him home and to hear all of his stories and help him get ready to reintegrate into life and school.  He will only be home for a month, but that is OK with us!!!

Two plaques go up (we just put up Scuff’s plaque this weekend too), and one comes down!!  Woohoo!!  It really makes life busy here, but I love the changing of the guard because it means that we are learning and growing.  Like I said, there is never a dull moment!

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