Father’s blessings


Usually, the night before school starts, or the Family Home Evening before school, my husband will give each of our children a father’s back to school blessing.  It is something my children look forward to every year.  Some years we give everyone their blessing on the same night, other years we stagger it.  The year, we staggered it.  Slim left for college on Monday morning.  Sport and Speedy began classes last Friday.  Sun, Shorty, and Smilely all start this coming Monday.

Sunday evening Slim was saying good-bye to friends and was not home when we chose to give Sport and Speedy their blessings.  As Speedy got out of the blessing chair, Spike, Spike jumped in and put his hands on his head and said, “Dad, head.”

“Do you want a blessing too?”
“OK.”  And Spike, Spike received his blessing.

Right before we went to bed, Slim was ready for his blessing.  All the little ones, Sport and Speedy were in bed.  Drew offered Slim his blessing.  Then both of our oldest sons laid their hands on their father’s head and blessed him.  As I watched them, I was struck with the realization that, pending my children’s righteous choices, we will have priesthood strength in our home for a long time to come.  What a huge blessing to me, as their mother!  That wasn’t something that was readily available to me as a child.

My father held the priesthood and he gave me blessings when I was sick and young.  But as I grew, my father became less active.  I don’t remember my father giving me a blessing before school, or for any reason other than illness.  I think he just didn’t know all of the different ways he could use his priesthood.

My mother has not had a priesthood holder in her home for the last 25 years.  Sunday evening, I just realized what a huge blessing and privilege it is to have a husband and sons who, on a moment’s notice, can offer the power, healing, and comfort available through the priesthood.

Many of us don’t necessarily think of it until it is something we desire…..
….in the middle of the night to comfort or heal a sick baby or little one.
….after an accident.
….during times of significant stress or sorrow.
…..and any other time we feel like it would be helpful.


The wonderful thing, is that Heavenly Father makes these blessings available to all of his children.  Priesthood blessings are not reserved for members of the church.  And within the church, the Lord has set up a system of home teachers, where men are organized in pairs and assigned to a few households within their ward.  They visit them, at least monthly, to see how things are going and if they need anything.  To families who do not have priesthood holders in their home, the home teachers can provide those services and blessings.  So even if you do not have a priesthood holder in your home, you can contact your home teachers to help you.

Isn’t that great?! The Lord loves us all and provides a way for our needs to be taken care of…..but in His time and His way, not ours.

One Comment on “Father’s blessings

  1. Love this picture of your two eldest! I miss those boys, and their mother even more! :)Happy back to school season! Not looking forward to it so much here….


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