General Conference!!

Just a quick note to tell you all how much I loved General Conference this weekend!!  It was so very amazing!  I haven’t received answers to all of my questions (but there is still one sessions left), but I know I have received the information the Lord has wanted me to have.

I couldn’t but help feel that the conference seemed to carry the theme:  Hold on, beef up your testimony, here comes the persecution…..hard times ahead.  I heard it in each speaker.  Now I do not think that means dooms day is approaching and I certainly didn’t hear panic or fear in the voices speaking to us.  But to me, the message was clear:  strengthen your testimony, do not neglect your spiritual development, life is going to get harder.  Did you hear that too??  Or was it just my overactive imagination?

I was also really excited that General Priesthood meeting was broadcast beyond the satellites!  I am always anxious to read it and it is the first thing I turn to when the Conference Ensign arrives, mostly because I want to know what the prophets have told my boys so I know what to focus on for them as their mother.  But this time I can actually watch the presentation and hear their inflections!  Sweet!!

Also, our boy Spanky (lucky dog!), got to listen to all three conferences sessions yesterday in the conference center!!  He is suppose to get to see the afternoon session today too.  I am just a wee bit jealous!  Drew and I were able to attend one session at the tabernacle, before the conference center was built….but obviously it has been a while!

OK….I’m going to go now so I can watch that last session and get my little guy down for a nap!  Too-ta-loo!!

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