Today’s post is dedicated to the brave men and women battling cancer and those fighting for their cure.

Today our friend Steven is having a tumor removed from his esophagus.  His cancer is very aggressive and cannot be completely removed.  He has had surgery once before, followed by chemotherapy and radiation.  Because of the location of the cancer and the side effects, chemo and radiation cannot be used every time.  The tumor is currently blocking 80% of his airway.  Steve and his wife Renee are the parents of five children.  The oldest is 21 and the youngest is 12.  Our prayers are with you today, Steven!!

Our prayers are also with our friend Darren, who, we just learned, has been battling 10 months with stage four brain cancer.  Darren and his wife Kimberly are the parents of six, ages 20 – 11.  Darren and Kimberly are friends from our wonderful college days at BYU!  We lived across the street from them.  Darren had blonde, blonde hair with blue eyes.  Drew has dark hair with hazel eyes.  Both Sport and Spanky looked a lot like our little Spike, Spike with that blonde, blonde hair.  Other people in the ward knew we were dear friends and used to tease us that the babies looked more like Darren than they did Drew.  We also named Scuff after Big D! 🙂  I always call him (Big D) Darronious!  And he calls me Caronious!  How we LOVE those friends!

I forgot to mention our other dear friends, Brian and Nancy battling pancreatic cancer!  Nancy just lost her mother to ovarian cancer, as well.  How I wish I could be physically closer to all three of these families to help relieve some of their burdens.

You and your families are in our prayers and of course, our hearts!

Here is a video posted on Stephanie Nielsen’s blog today from her friend Barbara, fighting breast cancer:

And here is a song written by Marie Pearson, also a 2 time breast cancer survivor, posted on Heather’s blog, Women in the Scriptures:

Reach out and strengthen your friends and family fighting cancer today!!

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