Gems of Wisdom

Periodically, I go back through  my old journals to read what I had written.  I use my journals as my notepad during my scripture study time.  I just keep it with me while I read, pen in hand or stuffed into my pony tail.  When I have a thought, doctrinal or otherwise, I write it down.  Sometimes I just have a list of things I need to do that day, other times I have instructions or thoughts relating to what I am reading.

Today, I found this:
Mosiah Ch. 19
Contentions among ourselves causes strife.  Because of fighting among themselves, they were unavailable to protect themselves from their true enemy.
     How many times do we fail to protect ourselves and our family from the true enemy (Lucifer) because we are too busy worrying or contending over much more insignificant details?  Unity is important because we keep the proper focus and don’t allow Lucifer to interfere in our relationships.  Allowing others to grow in their abilities and not being irritated by their short comings or learning places is significant to maintaining unity and keeping Lucifer at bay.

Sometimes I read stuff, like the above quote, and think, how did I know enough to write that down, but not enough to remember it always?

Me?  Nuh-uh!!

Sunday I pretty much had a huge fight with my two-year-old over church clothes.  It was really ugly and my frustration scared Smiley and Shorty.  Spike, Spike went to church in his pajamas and barefooted.  I brought his clothes along and told him that if he wanted to go to nursery class, he had to get dressed.  He wanted to go to nursery class, but not enough to get dressed.  After about 30 minutes in primary with me, I took him to see his father and explained the drama of the morning, in the bishop’s office.  With Drew’s help, we stuffed our little guy into his church clothes, which he was pretty upset about.  But his father was kind and gave him several options.  He finally decided he wanted to sit with Mommy and attend nursery class (and he didn’t care so much about his clothes).  Then off to nursery class he went and all was forgotten.  

Even after eight children, I am still surprised that the Lord knows which one to send to me to push my buttons enough for me to realize that I still do not always have myself under control or enough patience.  Wouldn’t you think that after eight I would know what I was doing or at least have mastered my emotions in that department?  I guess not.

Maybe I should read my journals more often…….?

2 Comments on “Gems of Wisdom

  1. Thanks for this! I have not been in control of my temper very well the last few days. I find myself blowing up WAY too much and it makes me wonder who is the adult? I think I have been behaving more like a child lately. So thank you. Also, I get to tell you that you won the giveaway on my blog for the CDs! Please email me your address and I will have her mail them to you soon! heatherlady at


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