Reorganizing & Repairing

Just a quick note:  Today I am devoting my post to reorganizing!  My little Sun has become quite behind in our homeschooling curriculum, mostly, I believe because I have been too busy to sit down with her and verify that she is indeed completing the assignments.  I reworked the calendar and verified the end of the semester deadlines.  She is going to really have to work but I think we can still pull it off.  I had planned in several days where we didn’t have to work, and it is good that I did, because we took off those days in October and now we get to work on the days I planned to play.  But that is a good lesson of life.  Sometimes you just have to reevaluate and reorganize what the plan was since you were flexible enough to let your agenda go.  Sometimes my Type A personality still surfaces with a vengeance.  Personally, I think that is why the Lord has sent so many children to my home—-to remind me that, no, I cannot do it all, even if I try to.

mine kinda look like this:

Today I also spent time repairing two of my dining room chairs which have lost a leg.  They are great chairs!!  The best ones we have ever had and I was so very sad to see that they had lost a leg!  One of the counselors in the bishopric stopped by the other day and I told him my plan to repair them.  He said my idea wouldn’t work and told me what I should use instead.  (Which was awesome, by the way!!—I thought we should us some wood putty.  He said, nope, use epoxy glue, the slow setting stuff so you have time to make those screws do what you want them to.)  I followed his counsel and now my chairs are fixed!  Boo yah!

Then, I glued part of my stovetop that had broken off—Another gluing project with super epoxy glue (quick setting kind).  Hip hip hooray.

The rest of the day is reserved for putting more pads on the bottoms of our 12 dining room chairs so they quit scratching my floor!

Sometimes you just have to take time out of the normal routine to readjust! 

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