Catching up on the homefront–a web of activity!

Here where I live, we have the coolest fall spiders!!  They are pretty big and we call them pumpkin spiders.  They are only out in the fall and then I don’t know what happens to them, but we don’t see them again until the next fall.  I was able to capture one of their webs with the morning dew on it… cool!  Maybe later I’ll get a photo of the spiders….I just really like their webs!

Sorry I have been AWOL lately!  I have spent a lot of time trying to tie up lose ends here at home.  Last Monday I spent the day cleaning the little boys’ room.  Oh my goodness!  I took out two bags of clothes, one bag of stuffed animals, one bag of garbage, and rearranged all of the toys.  Tuesday I caught up all of the laundry, which at our house is quite a little miracle.  Wednesday I finished painting the family room….you know the odds and ends that just don’t get polished off?  I did most of those, at least the big ones!  Thursday I went grocery shopping and tidied up the house, and helped a friend plan singing time for Sunday.  Friday I visited with a new member of my ward and just relaxed.

Then on Friday evening the sickness hit us! Ugh!  So for the holiday weekend, we just hung around sick.  We had a very full schedule on Saturday but we did manage to cancel our company who has a new baby.  By Monday of this week, we were kind of out for the count.  The illness has really hit the baby hard.  We have been fighting his asthma since Friday.  Plus I noticed he is finally cutting those two-year molars.  Lovely combination!

Yesterday I spend the afternoon cleaning out Sun’s room and it took just as long as the boys’ room and I took out just about the same amount.  Scary!  I know.

Plus, my big boys have been working out the details for their holiday plans and 2nd semester plans…..lots and lots of talking.  And my brother was really, really sick.  But he is getting better slowly.  So you can see it has been quite busy.  I have a few more things on my plate to catch up on and the amazing holidays are upon us 🙂  Yea!!!  I love this part of the year!  Hopefully I’ll keep up with blogging, but I have to tell you, right now, I just want to hang out with my people and get everything ready for our Christmas guests.  I’ll try to not be a stranger.

Happy preparations!

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