I am in!!!

Sorry I have been away for a while!!  I have not been able to access my blog!  Crazy, I know, but somehow the sign-in bar and dashboard buttons at the top of my blog have disappeared!  I have been going absolutely bananas trying to figure out how to get into my blog!!!  But I did it!  Now if I can just figure out how to get the buttons back on it!


And see that photo above???  That is definitely what my efforts to get into my blog looked like.  I swear!  Not really, but man, it was not easy or direct!

OK  enough complaining.  So I really do not have very much to say.  Ha!  Not true!  I always have a lot to say, which I suppose, is why I can keep a blog going.  Now that I am in and can post once again, you’ll just have to listen to all the blog posts I wrote while I wasn’t able to access the blog.  Ha! Again!  I didn’t write any.


I have been enjoying my family and the holidays.  We had a most glorious Thanksgiving day.  We had only our family and the guest tortoise we had been sitting (he got picked up yesterday).  We all worked together to make the food, a friend gave us dessert, so I didn’t have to do that part.  We called our kiddos abroad and just enjoyed the down day with lots and lots and lots of food.  Since our biggest eaters were not here for Thanksgiving, we are still having left-overs.  That hasn’t happened at my house since the boys were babies.

Everyone heads back to school and work tomorrow.  I am sad to have them go, but kind of glad to get back to a routine and schedule.  Of course, that will only last for another three weeks, and then everyone will be home for the Christmas holidays.  I will try to get back into the swing of blogging too, now that I know how to get in without the dashboard button.  Sweet!!

Here is my funny story for the day.  So my little Spike, Spike plays with my cell phone, a lot.  I let him usually, until I notice that he is calling someone and then I take the phone and say, “I don’t want you calling China.  Let me have that.” 

Today after church, Spike, Spike was standing on one of the dining room chairs with my phone up to his ear.  I could tell he had called someone, so I asked, “Who are you calling?”  To which, he replied, “China.”  I burst out laughing!  It was so funny.  He is really starting to put things together and say some really funny, funny things.

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