Ra Ra RARARA….Goooooooooooo Cougars!

If you are a BYU fan, this is a must see!!  I watched it this morning!

Here’s the email that came with the video:

BYU Students Show World Wide Cougar Pride, Win National Film Competition

What happens when you put advertising, film, animation, and music students together and ask them to show why BYU has the most loyal fans on the planet? Well, Hyundai did just that and challenged 25 traditional football powerhouse schools to pitch a film concept to best demonstrate their fan loyalty. The Laycock Center for Creativity and Collaboration answered the call, won $10,000 to make a film, along with six other finalists, and then just won the grand prize in this national competition and an additional $10,000. What happened when the students put this together you might ask? After watching the video you just might say, “Magic Happens!”

Please watch, like, and share the video. We hope we made you proud to be a loyal cougar, true blue through and through.

Hyundai | Lens of Loyalty | BYU

It made me cry! 


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