Family First Friday #3–Illness. (This is how we felt).

Have you ever considered illness to be a blessing?  I usually don’t either.  But this week, illness has blessed our family.  Our schedule was crazy!

Monday:  Basketball practice (2), 5:50 -6:50 and 7-8:30.
Tuesday:  Basketball game 5-7; Board Meeting 7-8:30
Wednesday: Class 4:15-5:30; Basketball game 5-7; typical mutual stuff 6:45-8:30;
                           Priesthood Preview 6:30-7:30, Basketball practice 8-9.
Thursday:  Concert 5-8
Friday:  Family Home Evening.

Sickness in our family this week eliminated all the activities with a line through them.  It made our week of absolute craziness manageable.  It was a gift.

We are feeling a little better.  Most of us are well.  We have just two I think who didn’t get sick.  We’ll cross our fingers that they won’t.

About a week or so ago, Chocolate on my Cranium (I tried to link to the actual post, but it isn’t working!) posted about being sick and how it all functions at her house.  At our house, it is kind of similar.  Sick people are pampered.  They sleep on the couch in their pajamas where they can watch TV and just chill or read a book.  They eat sick food, which consists of crackers, white bread, Sprite, and sometimes homemade chicken noodle soup (carried over from our poor college days where I just boiled some spaghetti noodles in chicken broth—this is now the preferred chicken noodle soup at our house.  If I actually put vegetables and chicken in it, most of the children will not eat it.  So strange!)

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