Today the rain is falling all around, finally.  We have had the driest winter I can remember.  The weather has been gorgeous, to say the least.  (Sorry to all you people who are in that cold, arctic ice winter.)  We have been having gorgeous sun and heat, which doesn’t happen here.  It has been hard to pray for rain.  We all know we need it, but none of us really enjoy the gray, wet, winter days that go on and on and on forever……….like 6 month’s worth.

Today I am also taking down the Christmas tree.  Yes, I said that today on January 29th.  You didn’t read it wrong and yes, I realize what day it is.  It is the day after Sport’s 18th birthday.  His request was that the tree stay up until his birthday.  I tried to take it down yesterday, but got called out by my sweetheart, who said, “At least wait until his birthday is over, Carin.”

The rain kind of mirrors my mood.  My political science husband just had to listen to the State of the Union address last night, and wanted my company.  I really cannot stand to listen to the man who is currently serving as our president.  Every time he speaks, this is what I hear, “Lies, lies, lies, and more lies.”  I know, I know, some of you are thinking that it must be because I am a conservative Republican.  But the truth be told, I hate political parties.  I think they are evil.  I choose not to align myself with either party because I cannot completely embrace everything either party says.  So I choose to stay away from them all.

I think that is probably why I struggle with politics in general.  I like things to be honest, upfront.  I don’t pretend and I don’t ‘play’ political games, even in my ordinary everyday life.  It is hard for me to believe that others have ulterior motives because I really care about people and I really want them to be happy and I am not willing to lie, steal or cheat to get ahead.  Being ahead isn’t important to me.  Being happy is important to me, and having others be happy and healthy is what matters and when I help other to be happy, I make the world a better place.

I find a lot of problems, personally, come from lies, especially lies to ourselves about our behaviors, thoughts, or intents.  I spend a lot of time evaluating my motives behind my behavior and actions and then adjusting them so they are more in line with the principles of the gospel.  It takes a lot of work.  Most often, I find that honesty with myself is what will truly bring my soul back into harmony with my beliefs.  When my beliefs, actions and words are all in harmony with each other, then is when I have peace and feel whole.

I also spend a lot of time listening to friends and helping them to bring their actions, thoughts, and words back into harmony with their beliefs.  The adversary would want us to change our beliefs to justify our behaviors.  But that is backward and will not bring peace or happiness.  Happiness comes when we change our behaviors or adjust our beliefs so they are in line with gospel truths.  Because the truth be told, sometimes, we believe the wrong things.

That is why God gives us prophets.  We can look to the prophets and live, in peace and harmony.  If we read something from the prophets that we do not believe, instead of throwing it away, we can just put it on the shelf.  It can be something we take down and look at every so often as we take time to ponder and come to a knowledge that what they have said is true.  You should try it sometime.

Truth can be known, like taste, touch, smell, sight.  It is a feeling deep within our soul.  For me, when I hear truth and am feeling it, I want to cry, my heart feels warm, and full.  This feeling is what we members of the Church call the Holy Ghost or the Spirit.  It doesn’t feel like that for everyone.  But it is a spiritual sense and you can learn how it feels and how it works for you.  It is the gift Heavenly Father has given to us so we can know truth when we hear it.  Every person born into the world has it…… is called the Light of Christ.  Some people refer to it as your conscience, that innate knowledge of right and wrong.  After we are baptized, we receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, which is the right to have the Spirit with you all the time, pending our worthiness.

Once you learn to recognize it, then you can measure the things you hear and see against the words of the prophets and that feeling inside.  Between those two points, you can draw the straight line and know the truth.  I love knowing that.  There are so many winds of opinion blowing and so many sources crying out for our attention and patronage, that it makes it so very challenging to know who to listen to and what is right.  But knowing the prophets speak for God and always have and then knowing how the Light of Christ, conscience, Gift of the Holy Ghost or the Spirit all work, we can know truth and bring our beliefs and actions into harmony with that truth and feel peace, knowing our lives our in line.

Back to our President.  He may believe the stuff he is spouting to our country.  He may honestly feel like he is doing what is best for our country and our people, which is why he is pushing his agenda so hard and so fast with so little appreciation for our governmental processes.  But internally, I do not believe his agenda is what is good or right for our country.

So there, now you have heard my political ranting.  And I have to go because my visiting teachers are on their way over and instead of picking up my house, taking down my tree, and showering, I’ve spent the morning blogging.  But you’ll just have to decided for yourself if what I have said it true, or not.  Because you CAN know, if you are willing to put in the time, honestly evaluate your feelings, and measure your behaviors and thoughts against the words of the prophets. 🙂

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