Good today, not Better or Best.

OK Some things just have to be documented with or without photos.

Remember this talk by Elder Oaks??  Well, apparently today I am working only on ‘good’ things.  This morning, I called my very dear friend to find out how her talk in sacrament meeting went yesterday.  I talked to her for a little more than an hour.  When we started the kiddos were still sleeping.  (It is their last day of President’s week vacation.  The big boys were at school and Drew at work, so I let them sleep in.)  I had made muffins for breakfast, so those were ready and I just kept talking.

Feeling like I needed to get off the phone, I did so, only to jump onto the computer, check my blog and read my missionary emails.  Because of our schedule, I knew I wanted to have lunch about 11:30.  The afternoon plans are crazy but the morning was laid back.  I have adopted a couple of missionaries from here whose parents no longer live here.  We have one coming home on Wednesday, so I was checking the details of his arrival.  One missionary was worried about appendicitis, so I was checking his status.  And one had broken her glasses and was asking for assistance to help with those things.  No  big deal.  In the process, I got sucked into cleaning out my email inbox (big problem, black hole).

I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, so I left the computer.  After exiting the bathroom, I noticed that the boys, who were suppose to be cleaning their bedroom, had found the batteries to the gaming console and were beginning to play ‘Mappy’ and ‘Pac-man’ (the only gaming I allow in the home).  I called them on it and told them to put it away until their room was clean.  It was then I noticed the wet spot on the floor and the baby walking funny.  ‘Sun, did you change the baby’s diaper like I asked?’

‘Uh, no.’

‘OK, do that now.  I will get him some clean pants.  And who put all of this smootie pop all over the floor?’ (frozen chunks of smoothie spread out in front of the TV).

‘That was the baby.’
‘It was me, Mom,’ said Spike.

I started to clean that up with baby wipes and again sent the boys off to clean their room. 

After Sun changed Spike’s diaper, I asked her how far she was on her homework.  She hadn’t yet started this morning.  I gave her the look.  She hid.

Then I walked into the kitchen to see the billowing smoke of the scalding pot of boiling grain on the stove-top.  “What??!!  Who left this on??”  Grabbed the pot, turned off the stove, turned on the faucet and filled the pot with water.  And noticed it was 11 O’clock.  So much for lunch at 11:30.

All of this was done while only FOUR of my nine were home and for the most part we were all in the same room, only with my back to them while I was on the computer.

Needless to say, the boys are now cleaning.  The baby has been changed.  I threw in a load of laundry.  Sun is working on homework. Nothing is burning the house down and now I have to tackle lunch and paying attention to my people.

So here I sit at the computer documenting the chaos.  Onto the better and best parts of the day!!!

Happy Monday to you and yours!

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