Happy Birthday Speedy!!

Today is your day Speedy!!  Happy, happy Birthday!!!
What to say……
Speedy is a very compassionate soul.
He cares about each and every person.
He tries very diligently to make sure others are included,
that their feelings are considered and valued,
that they feel like they belong and are important.
He is extremely passionate about his beliefs.
He is still trying to figure some of them out.
He knows the Lord will be there to help him.
He is kind, loving, and sensitive.
He loves man stuff (knives, fighting, swords, explosives…).
He will watch a chick flick with me if I twist his arm.
He recently learned that he loves biology and he is really good at it!
If you are a soft, squishy, warm blooded animal, Speedy loves you!
I’m sure he will own a farm, or his wife will wish they did,
not because he is a farmer, because he loves animals.
He has an amazing imagination and will one day
be a famous author of adventure novels….mark my words.
The night Speedy was born, it was Relief Society homemaking night (women’s church group) when they still called it that.  My husband and I had an interview with the stake president that night, so I wore a dress to the activity.  My contractions were hard, but I wanted to make the interview and visit with my friends at homemaking, so I endured the pain.  Our interview was at nine pm, 20 minutes away from home and the hospital.  During the interview, I was more uncomfortable than I can ever remember, sometime in between my contractions, the stake president asked my husband to serve as the Elders’ Quorum President.  As we left his office, I had to stop to breath through the contractions.  I knew we needed to go to the hospital.  It was 10:30.  We drove the 20 minutes home, grabbed my bag and changed my clothes, arrived at the hospital at 11 and Speedy was born by 11:30.  (That is why his nickname is Speedy.  No one else arrived that fast.)
Speedy has always watched his brothers get into trouble and known what to avoid in his own life.  He learns very quickly that way and applies it well.
He has always been pretty good with babies and was absolutely amazing with Spike!  Spike was born in July and Speedy began his homeschooling for middle school that fall.  For two years, Speedy and Spike were buddies, doing everything together.  Speedy was my right hand man during that time.  He learned how to cook and managed making breakfast almost every day for two years.  (At first, his brothers complained, but Speedy’s cooking got better with practice 🙂  He took Spike for walks, put him down for naps and at night, fed him, changed him, and held him when I needed help.  People at church loved to watch them interact and then tell me about their observations.
Speedy, I know sometimes you are unsure of yourself.  I think you are getting better and more confident as each year goes by.  I think you are an amazing young man and I am so very proud to call you mine!!  Thank you for your example and perseverance, especially when your younger siblings annoy you.  It all comes full circle right?  You were once the one annoying people.  Now you are the one being annoyed 🙂
Love you!

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