Presto Chango!

OK I was just too excited so I had to post!!!  I love working in Photoshop.  I only have the elements program so I cannot do any really cool things and I really don’t have the time to play with the program I have.  I am very sure it can do way more than I can do with it.  But I just figured out how to change the color of some of the backgrounds I have!!!  That is so huge!!!  It increases the numbers of papers I have exponentially!!  Check out some of the papers I played with!

I changed this:
To this:
And this one:
to this:
And this one:
to this:

OH!!!  Exciting!  I wonder if I can do the same thing with some of my embellishments??
Hang on……
I can!!!  I can!!!  Not that these are so awesome or anything…but here’s an example:

To this:
Crazy huh??
Ok…..that’s all.  I’m going to go and play some more!

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