Linking ancestoral photos to their family search profile….. …..that was easy!

I did it!!

I spent 15 (really 30, I think) minutes working on family history Saturday morning.  I just wanted to upload the photos of my grandparents and great grandparents and see how that whole thing works.  It was awesome!!

I just went to and typed in my user name and password.  Then up popped my family tree.  I put my cursor over the word ‘memories’ at the top, then clicked on ‘photos’.  I hit the little green + sign and another one popped up.  I hit that one too.  Then it opened up my computer menu to choose which photo I wanted to upload.

I cropped out the child, because he is still living and did not give his permission.

When the upload is complete, I had the option to add a description of the relationship and had to push the ‘add description’ button.  Then I could alter the title, but also had to click the little green check mark to the right in order to keep it.  There was an exclamation point on the middle right saying that the person had not been tagged yet, click the person to tag them.  So I clicked on them.  A little circle pops up which I can adjust the size of, in the corner, as well as a little window to put their name into.  (I think I had to click ‘add person’ for it to save.)  Then there was still an exclamation point on the right side.  When I moved my cursor over it, it said that the person was not yet linked to family search.  A drop down menu appears and one option says ‘link to family search’.  Poke that link.  Then put your information in to search for your ancestor.  When you have the right one, hit the select button on the right.

I cropped out the child she was holding, even though it was me.

Voila!  Your ancestor has now been uploaded and linked to their family search profile.  Anytime (except when you are viewing the family tree) you or someone else looks up that ancestor, their photo is linked to their name.  Cool, huh?  So I uploaded my grandfather and my grandmother on my father’s side.

I figured they would want the one where they were young and gorgeous, not old and wrinkled!!

 Then I uploaded one photo that included both of my great-grandparents.  I tagged them separately and linked the tags to their individual names and again, Voila!  Uploaded one photo, tagged two people in the photo and their photos were linked to their family search profiles.

So very cool!!  Then you can also add stories or memories to the person as well.  I haven’t done that yet.  But the photo upload thing only took about 30 minutes to figure out and do!  Isn’t that so very, very cool!!

Do you have an amazing experience uploading your photos?  You should try it today—a perfect Sabbath day and Father’s day activity, with the kiddos!  Upload your fathers today!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!

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