Family First #23 Temple Day!!

Well, if all has gone according to plan, today Drew, Spanky and I will be able to visit the Provo Temple.  I have names for my ancestors that we will be able to complete the endowments for.

We are in Provo to drop Spanky and Sport off for summer session of BYU—GOOOOO  COUGARS!!! We drove them out because it was a little cheaper to drive than to fly two boys and their stuff, plus we have a dear friend who is terminally ill and we want to be able to see him.  It will be a fun trip but filled with many emotions.  I’ll make a full report when I return.

I am so excited to visit the temple!!!  Our temple is far enough away and our transportation unreliable enough that we do not get to go very often.  I love the feeling of peace I have when I enter the temple.  It envelops my entire soul!!  It is one of the very few places that I can completely relax and enjoy the feelings I have there.  I can lock the outside world away and focus on the things of eternity!

Remember when I told you that the work we do in the temples doesn’t automatically mean that we are ‘making people members of our church’?  We do the work because we believe the Lord requires of it of all people.  We do it because our ancestors who are deceased can no longer do it for themselves.  But we believe all people, living and dead, and those yet unborn, have agency.  They can choose for themselves.  The work is done for them, however, they have the opportunity to choose for themselves whether they want to accept that work or whether it is something they do not want.

I have had experiences where I have felt the love and appreciation of some of my ancestors for doing their work.  I do not feel it every time, however.  I don’t know if all of the temple work I have done for others has been accepted by them.  But I believe some of it has because of the feelings I experienced while participating in the work.

I also LOVE finding out about my family!!  I love genealogy work and learning about who my ancestors are, where they came from and a little about the lives they lived.  I am a product of their effort and time in mortality.  Because of the decisions they made and the lives they lived, I live.  I was born where I was born and grew up in the places I did.  My hair, eyes, body type, in some cases my religion or desires for education, employment, my morality, are all influenced by the choices they made and the lives they lived.  I love living in the United States of America!  I am grateful for my ancestors who left their home countries of Germany, England, Scotland and others so that I would be able to bring up my family and live here in America.  I am grateful for my closer ancestors of my grandparents who made sacrifices to join the church so that I have the gospel in my life and to teach to my children.  The very least I can do to show my gratitude to my ancestors for the sacrifices they made to allow me the blessings I enjoy is to participate in temple work to allow them to have all of the ordinances and blessings necessary for them in eternity.  That is how I feel when I participate in temple work.

Whether they accept the work or not, is their concern and their choice.  I simply provide them the opportunity to share my gratitude with them for their sacrifices.

It will be a fabulous day!!

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