A little update.

Old beach photos…no sun!

So life is moving on here at our house!!  I had wanted to blog about our trip to the beach last Monday, but I can’t seem to get my photos to send.  Check that.  I’ve sent them twice and they never show up in my email, so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong.  I’ve done it before and it has worked, so whatever!  Anyway, the day was gorgeous!  There is a little river at the beach and the kids just played and played and played in the water and the sand.  The sun was gorgeous, no clouds (very rare in July, here) and there was a slight breeze.  And I had some decent photos!  Oh well!

So I guess we will have to wait.  I need (want, really want) a new digital camera.  My other one died.  Slim’s died.  Spanky and Sport are gone with theirs.  I will just have to wait. 

this is me now.

We spent the money on glasses—for me!  Scary!  I have never needed glasses.  My vision has changed in the last few months.  Sometimes when I am driving things are blurry.  Sometimes when I am reading the words are blurry.  Sometimes, most of the time, everything is just fine.  I hadn’t been able to explain any rhyme or reason to when I could see and when I couldn’t.  So I went to the optometrist, who said, “Yep, you’re getting older.  Most people’s eyes, around their 40th birthday, will change.  This is just a little prescription, but it will help you.   You need bifocals.”  He said it so matter of factly.  I was beginning to feel my age.  But then he recommended getting progressive lenses.  And he said that I should wear them every day because as I aged I would need them more regularly anyway so to make that adjustment now would be easier than if I waited.  Ugh!  Really?!  So then I went and chose frames.  When I put them on, I thought, “There she is, Grandma.”  None of my grandchildren will know me without glasses.  They haven’t arrived yet, so I haven’t had to deal with that reality (probably next week—that the glasses will arrive, not the grandchildren, sheesh!).  I would show you a picture, but–yep, no digital camera.  You’ll just have to use your imagination—you know, that old fashioned thing!!?

It kind of looks like this

Last week we also laid wood flooring in the Spike’s room, because of his dust allergy.  I’ve had the flooring since we moved into the house.  But I didn’t know where to put it.  When Spike’s allergy tests came back, I knew where it belonged.  We had almost enough for both of the back bedrooms.  We were one box short.  But!!  Awesome news!!  I found it at Home Depot.  But I had to have it ordered to the house because we don’t have one in town, or very close.  But it was only $9.00 shipping, which is cheaper than the gas and time.  So that is on the way too and then we can lay that in the other bedroom.  It was quite a feat because we had to move all the furniture in one bedroom, and rearrange everything so we could move all the bedroom furniture from one room into the other.  We did that one day.  The next day, my super awesome contractor, Trina of Foot Print Construction, put the floor in.  That night we moved it all back.  When the flooring arrives, we’ll do it all again for the other bedroom.  (And get rid of that nasty 70’s, orange shag carpet!  That has to go!)

I am still not caught up on the laundry.  That is what we have been doing here.  So if you wonder why I am not blogging more, it is because I can’t take cool photos and blog about them, and because we are doing some home remodeling before school starts in August.

check out my shadow in the corner

This week, Sun is at Girls’ Camp and next week, Speedy had Scout Camp.  I am just a little jealous because he is going to the camp I attended for Girls’ Camp all of my camp years!!  I wish he could pack me into his stuff and take me along.  But it wouldn’t be the same because it would be full of scouts instead of girls.  Oh well.  I guess I will just have to be a grown-up, with bifocals!  Grandma, right around the corner.

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