The Gospel in Brazil & Moments that Matter Most!

Well, having one son currently serving in Brazil and one who returned from service in Brazil and the whole World Cup thingy lately (where our missionary tells us: whenever Brazil plays, we have to stay indoors all day because of possible riots and/or celebrating), there has been a little focus on how the church is growing in Brazil.  I just thought I’d let you know what they are saying!!

Here is a great video about it:

A story in this month’s Ensign, The Church in Brazil:  The Future has Finally Arrived.  (Remember to just change the ‘eng’ at the end of the link to put the article in your language.

And there is an article in the Church News:  Brazil is Part of the Heart of the Church  

I just loved this little video too!  A great pick-me-up and reminder of what is important.  We do need to slow down and take time and spend it with those who matter the most.  This is especially significant to me as my two dear friends are battling for the lives of their spouses, and one just lost hers in April!  Enjoy the video!

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