WOW! Where have I been?!!

General Conference yesterday (Saturday) was awesome and amazing!  I loved every word and we had a really beautiful relaxing day for the most part.  Conference was GREAT!  That was not a disappointment!  My big kiddos were attending conference at the Conference Center.  See, here they are:

Don’t they look great?!!

The evening however, was a bit challenging.  I spent hours on the phone, some with a ward member who was struggling and then with my boys who were also struggling.  That was OK.  I finished off the evening with an old romantic comedy and lightened up the atmosphere.

Then, this morning, I woke up all excited about Conference and ready for the spiritual feast, day #2.  I went to go and make breakfast.  Managed another sibling issue, but had to cut that short because my husband called the house to tell me that someone had smashed our van window.  Lovely.  I spent the next 20 minutes on the phone with the police.  Luckily I assigned Speedy to manage breakfast, and Sun to change Spike’s diaper.

We watched the first session of conference and then Drew and I spent 1 and 1/2 hours between conference sessions, cleaning up this:

There was a LOT of glass.  Shards everywhere!  We had to remove all of the middle seats, vacuum under the front and the back and in the doors—so much glass everywhere.  The sad thing is that I think they broke it just to break it.  Yes the car was locked, but there wasn’t anything in there that someone would really want, except for my Inside Out CD’s!!  I mean, come on, that is what every crook is after!  But they didn’t take those either—they just smashed my window!  Ugh!

The second session was more difficult for us to pay attention to.  Probably because the time I usually feed people lunch, I was cleaning up glass.  But whatever.  We did eat, while it was beginning.  We were grumpy, I think we still are……shhhh!

And then tonight I pull up MMM’s blog, just because I haven’t read him in forever and he always has awesome conference posts, and find out that on Friday, he revealed his identity!  Seriously?!!  That was so cool.

Anyway, that has been my conference weekend.  Slim gets home late tonight from Utah.  He will be wiped out.  This next week I get to deal with all of the exciting fix the window projects!!  And hopefully I’ll get to watch some of the conference again, since I missed some of it.

And also, my husband let me know that he is not happy about this:

Have a great week!!

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