Family First Friday #7–Tammers Homecoming!

I have missed two Friday posts!  Life has been kind of exciting and busy here.  Two weeks ago, before I missed the first post, Tammy got home!!!  She arrived Thursday night.  I tried to get my Friday post finished before we picked her up, but it just didn’t happen.  Then I spent all of Friday visiting with her and hanging out and hearing about her mission.  It was so wonderful and fabulous!!!  The week before that we had all been sick, including me, for like three weeks!  It has been a long recovery!!  I even took Spike to the hospital at the beginning because he couldn’t breath.  But Tams got home and we didn’t make her sick, for which I was super grateful!

It never ceases to amaze me the growth and development these young adults have gained by serving a mission.  They are more interactive.  They look people in the eye.  They keep conversations going.  They know the scriptures.  They know who they are and they know where we can find answers.  I LOVE their service and I LOVE the results of their service in their very own lives.  Scuff gets home in May and I get to see it all over again!!  I LOVE that!

This is how we all felt that Tammers was home!

We, of course, had to play.

Last Friday we all went to the beach.  It was super cold, but we had a good time.  The wind was blowing too, so everything was full of sand.  There were too many dogs on the beach that day for Shorty.  He ended up going back to the car and hanging out for about 45 minutes because he does not like dogs.  We only ended up staying for two hours, but it was still fun, even though we were cold.

Then, after the beach on Friday, my sister arrived!!!  She just spent the weekend with us!  We had a great time!  I really miss hanging out with her, even though it has been like 25 years since we did!

Don’t you just love the sun bursts?  Somehow I didn’t realize we were photographing right into the sun.  But it made for superb beach photos!!  The color is amazing!

And that’s the crazy stuff we have been up to!  Today it is raining.  Tomorrow I get to give a talk at a Spanish baptism, luckily I get to speak in English.  Thank you!  I don’t speak Spanish 🙂  I’ll try to keep up better.  It might be easier now that I am not sick!

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