Family First Friday #11 Sickness abounds.

So last week my little Spike Spike caught another cold.  Along with the breathing treatments, he had pink eye and had to have eye drops.  We kept him home from church on Sunday just because I didn’t want him to catch anything else in his weakened condition.  We finally finished all of his eye drops, breathing treatments are on going.

Then Sunday, after we arrived home from church, Sun puked.  She is older and said she was feeling a little puny.  She managed to keep everything contained and just felt yucky and nasty most of the day and into the next day.  I hoped it was just food poisoning.  It wasn’t.

I feel like this is how we are functioning today.    
Copyright (above) Karen Larsen Photography

Shorty puked on Tuesday night.  It wouldn’t have been so bad except he did it in the middle of the night and the boys had not cleaned their room in who knows how long.  It landed (from the top bunk) all over Speedy’s church pants, and both of his jackets and it hit a comforter on the bottom bunk that was hanging over the edge.  That was fairly manageable.  I put on plastic gloves and started cleaning the mess.  Shorty woke me up by calling to me up the stairs at 1 a.m.  “Mom, I puked!”  Great.  Half way through the clean-up, I was overwhelmed because the puke kept sliding off of the snow jacket onto the floor and making a bigger mess out of things that weren’t dirty in the first place.  I woke up Drew and requested assistance.

What an amazing man.  No questions, no complaining, he just threw off  the covers and popped out of bed.  He helped me get things into the washing machine, settled Shorty, cleaned up the floor.  Sweet man.  Husbands, you have no idea how amazingly attractive you are in your underwear cleaning up vomit.  Seriously!  My heart and exhausted body swelled with gratitude for his willing sacrifice to assist me.

Today is Shorty’s birthday.  He is better.  Speedy is puking.  Such a lovely weekend.  In two days it will hit the next victim.  I really hate the flu virus, really, really hate it.

This weekend we are suppose to be ordaining two of our boys—Shorty will be a deacon and Speedy a Priest.  Grandma and Grandpa are coming in for the occasion.  I really, really hope they don’t go home with the flu!  Please pray for them and pray for Drew.  He is giving the 5th Sunday lesson this week and he has a Bishop’s Youth Discussion later that night and he will ordain his boys.  The last thing he needs is to have the flu.

copyright Karen Larsen photography

Even Tammers hasn’t escaped.  She doesn’t have the flu, but she has some nasty cold that has swelled up her throat, and she is probably running a fever, poor girl.

Even my cat has been sick!!  For the last month he has had some kind of a nasty infection on his back.  He has finally been on antibiotics long enough that it is finally going away.  But he lost a lot of weight in the struggle.  Poor kitty.

So other than G&G visiting, we are going to have a kick back weekend (well, the kids and I are–the Bishop is going to be really, really busy–poor guy).  But we are going to watch the rest of our March Madness and enjoy birthday time and seeing people who we love.

That’s the gist of it.  I hope your weekend has way less sickness than ours!

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