Maybe moving……Day 1

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 About 3 weeks ago, (remember today, writing day, is August 26th, 2014) Drew’s boss passed on an announcement for a different in a different court.  When he brought it home, he was excited.  I was not so excited.  Remember in February of 2013, I thought we were moving also, because of a job which we had applied for and were waiting for the interview.  (Read here if you so desire, and here for the background and here for the rest of it.)  But it became apparent quickly, that the Lord had other plans for us.  So when Drew brought home this announcement, I thought, “Oh ya’, been there done that.  We are staying.  We always stay.”

 As I went to bed that evening, with that attitude, the Spirit gently walked my mind through some significant details in the life of our family.  As I pondered on those thoughts, I heard the words, “This is different than your last experience.  You need to be supportive of this and enthusiastic and helpful in the process.”  Alrighty…sure.  No problem.  I can do that.

For three weeks we have been pondering the ‘what if’ scenario.  Last week applications were due.  This week we are waiting for the interview scheduling phone call.  (You realize that if this doesn’t go anywhere I may not publish any of these posts, right?)  After the application was all turned in, because that is a process all unto itself, you know, I made myself a ‘Master List’ of all the things that would need to be done inside the house to prepare it for our leaving.  For some reason, yesterday, I felt the need to document, on my blog, the process.  Maybe it is so I will have some posts to publish while the actual move is occurring and I won’t have to stress about having stuff to post when my house is in chaos as we move down the state.  (I really don’t have any idea why this is necessary, but the Lord does, so I will go and do…..)

Know that we may not move.  We haven’t even interviewed yet.  But taking care of all of these things on our list won’t hurt us any and will help us if we actually do make the move.  So there is no reason we can’t just jump in and get started, making the actual moving time easier if we are really moving.  There you have it!

Here is the Master List:

Sun’s Room:  Remove the wall paper
                     Paint 3 walls
                     Clean the windows

Green Bathroom:  Spakle the hole Smilely put in it
                            Touch up the paint
                             Replace the towel and toilet paper holders the kids
                            Erase the pencil Spike drew on the wall
                            Clean the window

Blue Bathroom:  Clean the ceiling over the shower
                          Touch up the paint over the shower and the toilet
                          Clean the window

Speedy’s Room:  Restain the window shutters
                           Clean the window

Hallway:  Replace doors for the closet

Living Room:  Touch up paint in all the place Spike has drawn on the walls
                       Spakle and repaint where we changed the lock
                       Glue down the baseboards
                       Patch the Gold curtain
                       Clean the windows (Inside and out)

Slim’s Room:  Clean the windows
                      Wash the sink and mirror (see if the water still works because we don’t use it)

Family Room:  Touch up paint (ceiling by the back door and over the stove)
                       Paint the baseboard where they took off the carpet
                       Goo Gone the hardwood flooring they put in
                       Clean the windows

Kitchen:  Replace the sink molding
              Clean out the cupboards
              Fix the drawers (3)
              Paint the microwave cubby (?)
              Clean out behind the refrigerator (Yuck!!)
              Replace the element in the oven
              Clean out the ovens
              Glue the stove top
              Clean the window

Laundry Room:  Clean out the broom closet
                          Clean the blinds
                          Clean the window

My Bathroom:  Unclog the sink
                        Clean the windows
                        Wipe down the shelves and cubboards

Hallway:  Clean the shutters
               Clean the window
               Clean out the cupboards in the sewing room

My bedroom:  Clean windows
                       Clean out closets

And I have a huge list of things to get rid of that won’t make the cut for the move.  Do you want that list?
It is just a bunch of junk, but maybe will help someone else.  Good thing I have my ‘magic corner’.  I don’t know what I am going to do when it is gone!

The get-rid-of list:
     All exercise equipment
    Folding table and chairs
    Dryer (extra one in the garage)
    Extra dishwasher
    Various other things, but those are the biggy items.
   Old lawn mower
   Most of the bicycles

Remember too that this is just the inside of my house.  It doesn’t include much of the garage or the backyard.

**Read the post written on May 19, 2015 entitled Changes to get the context of these posts!!

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