Maybe Moving…..Day 2

Well….None of you know this yet and I don’t know if I will ever publish it, but I felt the need to document the process of our possible move.

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Last week, my sweetheart applied for a job down south by his parents.  It is a great opportunity!!  We have serious reservations about moving and how it will affect our lives and the lives of the children.  Slim knows our plans and has been involved almost from the beginning.  At this point, we have not told any of the other children.  Application were due a week ago and this week, we are awaiting the phone call requesting an interview for next week.

Because my husband and I have both had promptings that would seem to indicate we might actually be moving, we have begun the research process.  My sweetheart has priced homes and looked at crime statistics according to neighborhoods.  I have been researching schools and educational opportunities, including the school rating, etc..  We have called a few of the bishops in the area to ask some preliminary questions and just get some basic ideas about the area.  They have been so kind to tell us to stay out of certain areas because crime is awful!  But they have also told us places that are good to be looking.

Last week, I put together a preliminary list of things that need to happen at our house to prepare it to be sold, just touch up things mind you, nothing major, except that wall paper in Sun’s room….nasty, nasty wall paper that I started pulling off thinking I would have plenty of time to do it at my leisure….NOT!  The more I peel off, the more mold I find.  It is disgusting!

Anyway, today on my ‘master list’ for the house I cleaned half of the blind in the laundry room, washed the inside and outside of the laundry room window, and wiped out all of the cobwebs.  When we were laying the carpet, two weeks ago, I cleaned out under the washer and dryer and rearranged everything in that room.  Later today, I’ll wash off the washer and dryer and clean out the broom closet.  I may or may not finish the blind today.  We’ll see.  It will either be that or go and spend an hour getting wall paper off in Sun’s room.  OK… I spent an hour and a half in Sun’s room with the peeling and the clean-up.  Yuck!!  And Slim put out many, many things on our magic corner where things just disappear!  Today was an exercise bike, an elliptical machine, a vacuum, a stroller, a high chair, and an office chair, all gone in half an hour!  Sweet!!

Oh, as a side note, did I tell you that I put together tonight’s dinner at lunch and realized that I am going to have to make something completely different???  I don’t have enough for dinner and my kiddos won’t eat it anyway!!  I hate it when I have to change my plans!!  Ugh!  Maybe we’ll just have sandwiches tonight?….

copyright:  Karen Larsen photography

Today is the first day of school.  If you want to see how fun it was, read my post from then, August 25th.  We’ll get more done tomorrow!

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