Maybe Moving….Day 14-17

I am blogging these at least a week behind, because I got behind!!  So let’s see if I can remember what actually happened those days.

I did goo-gone the floor, it looks great by the way, thanks for asking!  Cleaned the sliding door and deck windows, inside and out.  Watered the grass.  Did the normal weekend stuff, which included trying to get all the laundry caught up for our trip in a few days.  Complained because the boys used all the laundry soap.  I have one who thinks his laundry needs three cups of detergent each wash load instead of one.  More soap is apparently better, you know?!

Monday we met with Sun’s teacher and discussed her class work and educational opportunities where we might be moving.

I also had a phone conference with one of the schools we are considering.  The bummer thing is that I cannot find any schools in the area where the parents get to choose the curriculum.  Here, where Sun attends, our home schooling charter allows parents to choose their child’s curriculum, which is great!  And then they are allotted a portion of the budget to pay for that curriculum, which is also awesome!  Sun takes the BYU independent study on-line classes.  They give us a year to complete the classes, but Sun does them within the semester.  They have classes from 7th grade through high school, and then some of their college classes are independent study.  I LOVE them because they are all laid out in lessons with assignments and I don’t have to think about what her courses of study look like.  We just have to follow the outline and the computer will decide when everything is due in order for us to stay within our timetable.  It is incredible!!!  Just pricey!  But the budget covers it, all of it!  Anyway, where we are looking at attending, they don’t have anything like that nor does anyone in their immediate area.

After I finished my phone call with the principal, it was obvious, that was not the school for us.  They use their district curriculum and you just go through that independent study and meet weekly with their teacher.  Yep, not the course we are looking for.

The other thing that happened over this time period was that Speedy told a couple of his administrators at his school about the possibility of us moving.  As their conversation progressed, the administrator told Speedy that he used to live there and here are the issues……The biggest one was that the gangs in that area are really bad.  He told Speedy that sometimes when you go to bed at night, you hear gun shots.  And he shared the story that one of his friends stopped at a Burger King to grab a hamburger one day and someone thought he should be shot, so they did.  He died in Burger King getting lunch.  And this administrator has been here where we live for probably as long as we have.  So this was quite a while ago.

I spent the rest of Monday trying to get ready for our trip, grocery shopping for the kids while we would be gone, washing laundry, taking care of paperwork, calling friends to transport them to where they needed to go while we would be gone, explaining to Spike where we would be and when we would be home, etc…

It was a totally busy day and I was completely exhausted because in addition to taking care of the business at hand, I had people drop by and want to talk, I needed to go and make a primary visit and I think I had extra phone calls that day too.  It was super busy.

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