Quilting Class

So Sun and I have been attending a quilting class that a sister in our ward decided to host.  We all meet one day a week and learn a new quilting square.  I have always loved sewing.  Never tried quilting.  I love it!!  The first class we had to put a nine-patch together by hand.  All of us complained.  But you know what we realized?  It was totally relaxing and fun to just sit around and quilt our squares and visit with each other.

nine patch.  The one on the right is the one I did by hand

The next class, she taught us a Shoo-Fly pattern.  Those were all fine and I enjoyed them.  The following week, she taught us a Friendship Square.  That week, I decided that I really liked quilting and was having a ton of fun.  I made two squares that class and then brought home enough material to make two more patches.

Shoo-Fly Pattern

Then, I went through all of our scraps of material and realized, Oh, that is why people started quilting, so they didn’t have to throw away all of those scraps.  Then Sun and I ran to the fabric story, bought a rotary cutter, and a cutting square and a few remnants that would match some of the scraps we had at home.  We spent $20.  Then I cut up a bunch of scraps and realized, oh this is why more people don’t quilt.  Cutting squares is obnoxious.

Friendship Square

This is the one I did after I cut the scraps we had at home.  It is suppose to be a pattern called Flying Geese.  But I like it better after I flipped a few of the squares, creating the diagonal pattern.

I can’t seem to get this one to flip.

I imagine our teacher is going to have us put all these squares into a quilt.  Anyway, we are having way too much fun, me more than Sun.  I will keep you apprised on our progress 🙂

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