Reception Day!!

We spent most of the entire day between the wedding and the reception decorating.  Someone was there from 10 a.m. until five.  We had the family dinner at 6.  Dinner was great!  Super enjoyable!  It was fun to see and meet everyone on both sides of the family.  Because it was so crazy, I didn’t even get any photos of the set-up.  But here are a few from the evening.  First the ones Spike took of our table.  Not too bad for a four-year old.

Then the few I took:

This last photo is super significant!!  Richard’s mother and sister have been at odds for several years.  Somehow, as both of them put aside their differences for Richard, they healed their relationship enough to speak to one another and share some time together.  Hopefully it is the beginning of better times for them!  Way to go Richard!!  Special blessings for working and praying so hard!!

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