Hair Cut for Shorty

For mutual tonight, the boys asked me if I would demonstrate cutting men’s hair.  I am by no means an expert and the only training I have had is a lot of practice and a girl friend who taught me the basics.

But, Sun took photos of the entire event, so here they are:

Start trimming around the ears

and the back

shave up the sides to a bowl cut

back too

wet the top to cut to desired length

Make a line down the middle to desired height
Blend the top to match the line you cut down the center

Blend the sides to match the top

Blend the sides to match the lines you shaved up to what you cut on top
send them to the mirror to check it out and give feedback
put them back in the chair and fix your mistakes

We let him get out of the chair and then Sun said, “Hey Mom, he still has a line in the back of his head!”  So we sat him back down and blended that line into the rest of the hair.  Viola!  Done.

For little people, I put them in front of something they rarely get to watch on TV and sit right behind them with their bum between my legs and then I cut their hair on the floor.  If they want to get up, I let them and then I try to coax them back to let me finish it.  I just make sure I have enough time so they can get up and run around without me having to leave the house or do something else.  Then it can be relaxing without a lot of stress for the little person or the hair cutter.

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