I am so excited!!

I had 14 youth in seminary this morning!!!  That is amazing considering last year we had four!!  We added 10 youth!  10!!  I am so excited!

I don’t know if they will all stay.  I will pray they will, but to have 14 kids on a day that most of them do not have school, as in 12 of them didn’t—that is totally awesome!

We put our minds together and just really went out and invited all of those youth who are of age to come to seminary!  Our seminary secretary gave us a great welcoming idea with a candy gram, so we made one for each of our students and invited them personally—the other youth did.

Here is what they looked like:

“You are invited to expand your mind with ‘nuggets’ of knowledge and find spiritual ‘starbursts’.  Find ‘extra’ fun with ‘jolly’ friends.  Plus there are lots of ‘snickers’ with friends and teachers.

Seminary can be a real ‘life saver’.

Yes, SEMINARY is worth ‘100 Grand’.  Be ‘twix’t you and me, seminary just can’t be beat!  It’s the best way to start your day!   So be a ‘smartie’ and come to seminary!”

We got them to all but one person.  He is out of town due to the passing of a relative.  But I think he will come too.

We have also worked as a seminary counsel to include those students who aren’t normally coming in our prayers.  We have prayed with faith that those student would be willing to come and give us a try.

It was so amazing to have our room full!!  I just cannot even express my gratitude to our Father in Heaven for answering our prayers.  Now we just need to pray that we can teach with the Spirit, they will feel it and that Spirit will draw them in.  Please add us to your prayers!!

Our leaders have been trying to tell us that if we will pray in faith and then do the work to bring those souls into the gospel, the Lord will bless our efforts.  The question has been:  Are we willing to work the Lord’s way and change the ways we have been doing things!

For our seminary, that has meant including our youth in bringing our other youth to the table.  Asking them to pray for them and exercise their faith, to invite them, to look out for them, say ‘Hi’ to them, invite them!  And today we are seeing the results of that in our youth!  I am so excited!!

This work is contagious!  It is His work and His glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man!  We can participate in that work and we can do it today!!  Reach out, reach out in love, go and see your visiting teachees, visit your students of your classes, or your primary, or young women, or young men, or the Elders, the RS Sisters, or your High Priests!!  Go and see those who are on your rolls who are not now coming.  Pray to know who to see (the Lord knows your time is short too), reach out to them in love and friendship, see what you can do to serve them and help them feel the love of the Master reaching after them, then invite them to come and join us and make that love a continued part of their lives!!  As they do so, and feel of it often, they will then do that same thing and reach out to others, your ward, primary, RS, Young Women, or priesthood quorums will grow!!  It is amazing!!  Go and do it today!!

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