OK…..Here’s the deal Sparky…..

Seminary is taking way more out of me than it did last semester.  Part of the reason is because I have so many more students and their needs vary so much.  Sometimes I have only four kids in class.  Other times I have 14!  I never know which day it is going to be and who is going to be there and how my lesson is going to go.  I have also been trying to teach to the needs and ability of my class and checked in with my calendar today and realized, Oh I am only two weeks behind!  Great!  And I started a week ahead of everyone else.  So that kind of gives you a clue as to how challenging things have been.  (I have had trouble doing my visiting teaching the last two months!)

All of this goes without saying the normal things going on in the home—like Oh Ya!  The toilet is backing up again.  Sheesh!  It has now been a week that my bathroom has not worked.  Which wouldn’t be so bad except when I do laundry, it overflows the toilet.  Yes, I am serious.  It was working alright, I was just doing small loads and watching the toilet as the water drained.  It was working.  Then I did my smallest load of the entire day (I am talking five dress shirts for Drew for work.) and I sat down to watch a movie.  You guessed it!  The toilet overflowed while I watched the movie.  I spent the rest of the movie cleaning sewage off of the bathroom floor.  Then I took a shower and by then I was wiped and went to bed.  So first thing tomorrow, I am getting on the plumber’s case, because I called him a week ago.

We have also had teen-age girl drama.  Sun was invited to a birthday party–slumber party the same weekend as our youth temple trip.  She knew she wasn’t going to attend any of the Saturday activities because of the temple trip and we don’t do any sleepovers (family rules) so she really was going to go over for pizza after school and stay until nine at night and then come home.  It was a family whose house I have visited and am comfortable with so I thought everything would be fine.  Drew wasn’t sure he wanted her there by herself, just because she didn’t feel comfortable walking out of a class that was offensive to her so he wasn’t sure she would be able to duck out of the party if it was uncomfortable for her.  He wanted me to go with her.  So did she.  OK.  I’ll go.  When the family found out I had plans on attending, they called to tell me that it would make their daughter uncomfortable to have me there…….blah, blah, blah.  OK  I certainly wouldn’t want your daughter to be uncomfortable on her birthday.  So we decided to explain it to Sun, which we did and when she realized they didn’t want me there, then she didn’t want to be there either.  That made it a lot easier for me.  Yea for small favors.  I am hoping it won’t cause any permanent damage in her relationships at school but we will see.

And the biggest reason I haven’t been blogging is because I have been working on Christmas presents!  I am making homemade ones and I was just a little bit more ambitious than I think I have time or energy for, but since I have already started, I am trying to finish it out!  But I cannot tell you what it is because people I love and am making them for read this blog.  So sorry!  You’ll just have to wait until it is closer to Christmas time.  But I will take photos and post them, after Christmas.  But the time I use to have for blogging is now spent making Christmas.  So be it!!

Later this week, I am hoping to post the talk I gave last week in church, but it needs a little editing to be published on the blog and maybe I’ll get some other photos up from the activities last week. 

We’ll see 🙂  Now you are all caught up with what is going on here.  But you probably had just better prepare yourself to not hear too much from me before Thanksgiving week, when I will have a week off of seminary!  Have a great Sabbath Day!!

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